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Matt Punter

CEO & Director

Professionally, Matt has a combined 23 years in banking, mortgage broking, property legals and budgeting. Specifically, Matt was a bank Manager with Bank of Queensland, before taking a stake in a start up mortgage broking business, which he then built up and sold, to become a business partner and Director of Conveyancing Works Solicitors.  Matt and his partners grew this business to be the largest conveyancing business in Australia, before deciding to sell to Slater & Gordon. Following the successful sale of this business, Matt committed to a National Business Development Role with Slater & Gordon in Melbourne, to help set up Conveyancing nationally.

Personally, Matt has been involved in both residential and commercial property investment since 2000. Matt studied a Bachelor of Commerce and has completed a Cert IV in Finance and Mortgage broking and is accredited with the FBAA.  Matt has a Life Coaching qualification coupled with many years of personal and business life coaching experience.

On a lighter note, Matt loves all things sport – particularly Rugby League, Rugby Union (an avid Queenslander!)   He is a keen trail runner and can now call himself an ultra marathon runner with a few 50km+ and 100km  trail races under his belt. He also has a personal interest in raising funds for Type1Diabetes and volunteering as a Life Saver at Met Caloundra Surf Life Saving Club.


Nerida Punter

Marketing & Strategy

Nerida has a Bachelor of International Business, with a marketing major. She has worked in marketing for 20 years with a particular focus on brand marketing, start up branding and marketing strategy.  Nerida is also a graphic designer.  She has owned her own consulting business/s since 2005, working in the legal, financial, industrial and property industries, in between having three children.

Nerida also loves sport and fitness, camping and travelling, great food and good coffee.  Her family will tell you she’s a crazy runner too – with trail ultra marathons being her event of choice!  Matt and Nerida have run the Blackall 100km trail race in the Sunshine Coast hinterland (twice) and done multiple 50km+ events and have spoken about some crazy plans to do longer events down the track (pardon the pun!)

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Roger Ruhle

Mortgage Broker

Roger has over 35 years experience working in the finance industry, assisting clients with their lending solutions.  Prior to becoming a mortgage broker, Roger worked as a Senior Relationship Manager and Business Banker with ANZ, based right here on the Sunshine Coast.

Roger is an extremely valued member of The Savings Centre team.  With his kind and compassionate nature, you will feel at ease working with Roger as you purchase your property or look to refinance existing loans.  Rog says he loves all facets of finance, but of particular enjoyment and satisfaction is when dealing with clients buying their first home, particularly the ones that don’t have huge savings.  It is very rewarding.

When Rog is not in the office, he loves golf, fishing and boating, family life and grandkids (perhaps not always in that order!!) He also enjoys watching most sports, especially rugby league and golf.

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Sam Gardiner

Mortgage Broker  

Sam has been working in finance for the past 6 years and has been a part of The Savings Centre for over 12 months.  Sam knows our lenders products inside and out and is so adept at remembering  which lenders are offering which products at what rates on any given day.  Quite a skill!

Sam is born and bred on the Sunshine Coast, and has just purchased his first property thanks to some very dedicated budgeting and saving!


Tracey Hindmarsh

Client Services Manager

Tracey has been with The Savings Centre since the beginning and whilst her role has changed and morphed over the years, she has always been the one to look after our amazing clients at the front end and keep the rest of The Savings Centre team organised with where they need to be, doing what they need to be doing!  Before the Savings Centre, Tracey worked with a company who provides education on property investment strategies, so she has her own level of understanding as to the demands and stresses of purchasing property.  You’ll find Tracey most days sitting out at the front of the office, (away from the noisy Brokers out back) diligently going about her business.

Our social contribution | Insulin for life

Insulin For Life
No. of kilometres completed by #TeamPunter
No. of ultra marathons to be run by #TeamPunter
Amount of money raised by #TeamPunter

Number of days left to achieve our goals.

Matt, Nerida and The Savings Centre (TSC) team are stripping off their business suits, stripy ties, perfectly polished hair, and brief cases (does anyone actually use those anymore?) and are slipping into some shiny lycra, sweat bands, and running shoes. No, we’re not referring to the Broker Olympics, (if that’s not a thing then it should be) we’re talking about The Savings Centre 12-month ‘Injecting Hope’ campaign that kicks off this October.

#Team Punter has committed to running a whopping 5000km over the next year in an attempt to raise $10,000 for their 2017/2018 charity of choice, Insulin for Life (IFL). The kilometre tally kicks off with the Blackall 100km trail run in the Sunshine Coast Hinterland on October 21st.

Why Are We Running This Campaign?

The decision to support this organisation was a personal one for TSC Director, Matt Punter. Matt has type one diabetes and relies on insulin to live each and every day.

In Australia we are fortunate enough to have a sophisticated medical system and diabetes support networks that provide insulin, testing strips, needles and other medical requirements for free, or highly subsidised. But not everyone in the world is so lucky.

Fast Facts

Diabetes is a global problem and three quarters of people with diabetes live in low and middle-income countries.

50 per cent of people in developing countries cannot afford or access Insulin and diabetes supplies. 

Around the world, large quantities of perfectly good, unexpired, unopened and unused insulin is thrown out with the trash.

The cost of insulin in some countries can be as much as 150% of a persons income.

Governments in many countries do not provide or subsidise insulin for people with diabetes.

Our chosen charity, IFL Global raises awareness on these issues and fundraises to support transport costs (the biggest barrier to keeping this operation going).

Insulin for Life affiliates also collect in-date and unneeded insulin and other diabetes supplies, and ship them to developing countries where they are distributed free-of-charge to people in need. Instead of going to waste, these supplies save thousands of lives.

We want to support this fantastic organisation and help to ensure these lifesaving supplies reach the people that need them most. The best way we know to help, is to step out of our comfort zone, set ourselves a challenge, and ask all of you amazing people to support us in return with donations. We would be ever so grateful if you can help.


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